Sunday, August 09, 2009

A day in the wild life of somerset

The day begins with watching Mr Squirrel in the hazel tree outside our window nibbling nuts. He takes a bite or 2 then moves on to the next. They are green nuts, so they probably taste bitter, but does he care? No, he just throws them away. The hazels are littered with half eaten nuts. No wonder we don't get any. Well, actually we do. I go around filling my pockets with green hazel nuts, which I store somewhere I can find them later (unlike Mr Squirrel) and will find out later if there is anything in there worth eating/

Actually the day begins with an all over body spray of Deet to keep the ticks off. The ticks that come with the deer and the rabbits.

There is a deer just lying down on the lawn, as if he owned the place. Nobody owns it, it is just an area of grass. we get the camera, and he pronks off as soon as the camera is ready. Typical.

Then there is the rabbit in the lane, always the same place, running in front of the car. Playing in the road. Have rabbits no road sense at all?

Next the pigs from next door wander out and we have to herd them back. They are very friendly and intelligent, and Vegger the dog is interested in them but a bit nervous. Pigs are apparently much more computer savvy than dogs.

I take Vegger for a walk, and see a deer shooting through the ferns. Ten seconds later, Vegger is bouncing alnog hopefully on his trail, but understands that he has as much chance catching it as he has of pushing over a skyscraper.

Man may be wrecking nature on a global scale, but nature is strong, and when we have run out of energy nature will take over again.

Fine by me.

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