Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mabinogogiblog placed 11th in Total Politics Green Blogger Awards


The Mabinogogiblog has been voted to 11th place of the top 25 green bloggers on the TotalPolitics site.

I am humbled and proud. (Chokes back tears). (Gather! Gather!) I want to thank the whole team that made this possible, especially my index fingers, my keyboard, the screen, the computer thingy, the power companies that supply me with electrons, my PV cells that supply electrons on sunny days when I should be outside smiting wood, my supportive chair, my family, Vegger the dog, also Spotty and Stripey, and the brain dead idiocy of the ruling classes without which I would not be a blogger, but instead would have to put up with having a life.

(rushes off stage left, clutching a Green Blogger Award, overcome with emotion).

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