Thursday, September 17, 2009

The cuts agenda triple whammy

The cuts agenda is a brilliant diversion from the real crisis, says Seumas Milne in The Guardian.
Amen to that. This is how it has gone:
1 Unregulated casino economy crashes through stupidity and cupidity.
2 We the people, through our elected representatives, give them £175,000,000,000 to enable them to continue in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.
3 The political debate is now over by how much our public services should be cut.

1 cut Trident, thus saving £75,000,000,000 (or £97 billion, if you prefer not to be suckered by Government figures) over 30 years.
2 Plug the offshore tax haven leak, saving £25,000,000,000 a year.
3 Bring in efficiency savings in public (and indeed private) enterprises, by means of the old Suggestion Box.


Crafty Dafty said...

Mr Milne refers to "the lingering Thatcherite fantasy that household budgets can be a guide to running national economies ..."

Oh these simple-minded women, eh?

And there was me thinking that was one of Our Lady of Grantham's more sensible instincts.

Along with being the first major politician to talk about the danger of climate change - something her nuttier followers would rather forget.

DocRichard said...

Dear Mrs Dafty,

Feminists should not be embarrassed by Mrs Thatcher. Blame her GP, who chose HRT with a high testosterone component. According to coffee break discussion in medical circles.

Crafty Dafty said...

You're not one of these self-hating men are you doctor?

DocRichard said...

Not me. I think men are great at Meccano & stuff.