Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LibDems cave in to nuclear power lobby

Tom Burke, the veteran director of the Green Alliance, was invited to the LibDem's Conference to debate nuclear power. However, shortly before the conference, he was informed that he was dis-invited. It seems that EDF, the nuclear power company, was experiencing sphincter problems at the prospect of debating with Burke, so they leaned on the LibralDems, who collapsed like a tower of toilet paper in a thunderstorm.

Tom Burke writes:

I thought you would all like to know that I was originally invited by Dod’s to speak at the three low carbon fringe meetings at the party conferences. I accepted the invitation and received a confirmation of my participation sometime early in the summer. Three weeks ago I was notified by e-mail that I had been disinvited at the request of EDF who were sponsoring the meetings. This dis-invitation arrived too late to change the programme for the event at the Lib-Dem Conference where I was listed as a speaker. Given that EDF have now owned up to the fact that they cannot do new build nuclear without subsidies I am not totally surprised that they no longer wish to debate the issue in public. Another sign of their growing anxiety has been the decision to hire Chris Patten and John Hutton to lobby for them Hutton does not surprise me but I am disappointed that someone as distinguished as Patten should become a hired gun for EDF.

Which makes you wonder how resilient the LibDems' commitment to greenery would be in the event of their getting their forelimbs on the levers of power...

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