Sunday, October 25, 2009 event in Bristol

Went to the event in Bristol yesterday. Goodish number of people there, considering that it clashed with the Stop the War march in London. Met up with or listened to a number of the usual suspects - Bristol Green Party, Jonathon Porritt, Richard St George, Roger James, Alisdair Sawday, lobbying them all on the transnational corporation issue, with moderate success. All speakers were trying hard to maintain optimism in the face of an expectation that Copenhagen is going to be a big let-down.

Got a bit of a come-down walking away through Bristol's crowded streets and seeing all the people who were not at the climate event.

Given that the Green Movement is philosophically opposed to rioting, I think it is going to take a modified form of a National Strike or some other form of mass civil disobedience to force the politicians to put our money where their mouth is.

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