Sunday, October 18, 2009

Climate Swoop News

Climate realists are focussing on Ratcliffe on Soar CO2 source near Nottingham today.

Climate Camp TV demonstration reports:

Video of Sue Mallender (Green Party) explaining concisely why the protest is happening.

Review of news reports by Climate Cange activists.
Protestors are being photographed and detained at random. Kettling has been used, reportedly.

Real time info and comment from Twitter.

The action was described on Sky TV news as concerted disorder. Clearly a serious allegation, implying careful planning, analogous to the kind of planning that e.g. a terrorist might indulge in. On the other hand, if it had been poorly planned, Sky could have described it as anarchic disorder.

Dogs have used their teeth on humans.

Camp for Climate Change report

The fence was holed. One protester got on top of the fence.

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Good work in putting the report together...thank you

DocRichard said...

Hey, thanks for the thanks, Bruce. Bouquets are always welcome, to plant in my growing rockery of collected brickbats.