Thursday, October 01, 2009

Seawater Foundation - Greening Eritrea Video

Seawater Foundation - Greening Eritrea Video.

Seawater can grow halophytes (salt tolerant plants) which can feed cattle and provide other good services. Linked with Desert Rose.

All we need is the political will to spend serious amounts of money in stabilising both livelihoods and climate in East Africa and other arid parts of the world.


The villager: said...

This sounds like really essential investment.

Dorothea said...

Plants are wonderful, and there's just so much potential in underutilised crops that have been discovered and nurtured by indigenous people over generations. It's unfortunate that the modern global monoculture has been allowed to steamroller these ways of living for too long. Just hope we haven't lost too much.

Animal biodiversity has fantastic potential too, because they can digest so much wider a range of foods than we can - grass for just one example. We Westerners just need to get a bit more adventurous in what we eat if we want to live sustainably. Others aren't so narrow-minded and tuck into all sorts, from kangaroo and squirrel to ants eggs, grubs or roast locust - it's even in the Daily Mail now.

Anyway, good to see you back Doc ... I was wondering what had happened to you.

Anonymous said...

My hat tip to Dr. Sato, it goes to show you the dedication of one man can literally change the world. He is quite rightly revered for his work, and a deep and mutual bond has grown between the people and DR. Sato.

We need more people like him, who practice what they preach. Here is a recently broadcast documentary about his work. Enjoy.

Simon said...

Apologies, I did not meant to post the comment as anonymous.


DocRichard said...

Thanks for the links, Simon and Dorothea. Crops for the future is a great site. We need an explosion of interest and investment in this approach. The natural world is waiting in the wings, ready to help us. If we work with the grain of nature, instead of trying to control and dominate nature, we can find a way out of this global mess that we have created. Biodiversity is a huge, virgin, untapped resource. We have hardly begun to understand how much it offers us for healing both human sickness, but also the weakened condition that Gaia is slipping into.