Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A spreading of toxic gags | Kjersti Knudssøn and Synnøve Bakke | Comment is free | The Guardian

A spreading of toxic gags, byKjersti Knudssøn and Synnøve Bakke .
Who are two very cool Norwegian Journalists who deserva a Hat Tip from all of us. Quote:

"in 2006, as the Probo Koala tanker ship delivered waste to Ivory Coast, her sister ship, Probo Emu, was preparing for the same journey. But when controversy emerged in the west African state, Trafigura redirected the vessel to a tank facility in Norway. In October 2006, the ship delivered similar waste to the Vest Tank installation. Trafigura subsequently reached an agreement with the facility to treat six shiploads of the sulphurous coker naphtha, which produced the same kind of toxic waste that had been aboard the Probo Koala. In 2007 a tank exploded at Vest Tank, since which a number of people in the adjacent village of Sløvåg have fallen ill."

Trafigura played its usual game, minimising, denying, not answering questions, applying legal legal gags, threatening anyone who expresses the opinion that Trafigura's toxic waste may have caused significant environmental health problems.

Bullying is the word that comes to mind.


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