Friday, November 20, 2009

Europe: the Herman and Cathy Show

Herman van Rompuy

Lady Ashton

So. President Chairman Herman van Rompuy. At least he's not a war criminal, and he is practised in the art of finding the point of agreement in committees where people speak different languages and have different priorities.

And good luck to Cathy Ashton, promoted from obscure NHS managerialisationism to one who speaks for the third most powerful political and economic bloc on the planet.

Appointees both. No election by us, the people. This proves that the EU is not a superstate.
The catch is that if they were democratically elected, it would mean that the EU is a superstate.

Neat trick. Say what you like about Europe, they are pretty good at creating double-binds.

The thing about being the first incumbent of a post is that you can shape the post as you go along. Van Rompuy may just chair the Council of Ministers - but his successor may decide to adopt Napoleon, or something like him, as his model.

Which is why the Green Party's position, of transforming Europe into a democratic organisation with a sustainable economy and a peaceful and peacemaking demeanour in the international community, is the only reasonable and practical position to hold.


punkscience said...


And snigger: "At least he's not a war criminal".

Thank all of the gods that Blair was one of the first to be shot down. Can you imagine the horror . . .

DocRichard said...

Hi Punk

I can imagine the horror.

He would have got Europe to invade the Middle East in order to pacify it.

Did you know he has a "W" on his forehead?
The Mark of the Beast.