Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sidewiki: now the fun starts

Copied from :Rupert Read

See the MediaGuardian: 'Sidewiki changes everything'.

Now _we_ can start to take back the power from the PR people...

Read what Google has to say

And when you're done, and have set this up on your computer (it will take
you less than a minute - the privacy sacrifice is a relatively small price
to pay, in my view), go visit Nestle' and see what we've done
to Nestle's website...!

See also the sidewiki Ruper Read has started , up on The Sun homepage
...Let's 'get out there' and start having fun!

There are _plenty_ of webpages worth targetting... Suddenly, 'other
people's' websites are open to us as they have never been before... The web
becomes the interactive space it was supposed to be...

RL: I have put my first comment up on the trafigura website here.


Dorothea said...

Am I missing something?

Isn't this just a way for Google to make more people use the GoogleToolbar? A nerd informs me that the GT leaves lots of bits of itself littering your registry when you try to remove it. Very annoying. Why?

According to Wikipedia “Google uses ranking algorithms to determine comment relevancy and usefulness using criteria such as users voting up and down a comment, and past user's contributions. Anyone can look up a contributor and, from accumulated entries on the user's Google profile, verify the contributor's credibility."

The implications of this seem considerably more than "a small price" to pay to join in what will doubtless end up as yet another CiF-type of time wasting argument factory.

I would find it hard to believe that Google would allow anything that could antagonise their corporate peers too much.

Hasn't the sad reality of the internet become, that behind the touchy-feely hype, it is just a cartel masquerading as anarchy?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dorothea

Are you sure he was a nerd, and not just a geek? Or an anorak maybe?

Well, yes, you may be right, maybe they are just hoovering up all our data, which in due time they will pass to the thought police who will one day come and put us all in a special camp with no Internet access.

I tell my patients who guiltily admit that they have no computer, "Well, you have a life instead".

The Internet is a vast pool of human thought, with wave impulses slopping around this way and that. We are contributing our tiny 2p worth, and the nutcases also are contributing their little pellets of bile &c. I hope and believe that our contribution has a value in the whole scheme of things. Certainly I would not like to leave it all to the nutters.

So I use the computer, &c, and will try out the Sidewiki, to see if it helps at all. By not trying it, you are providing a control group. If I get arrested by the thought police and you do not, it may be that your suspicion of Sidewiki has proved protective.

Yours ever


DocRichard said...

Dotty, you were right!
The Google Toolbar was messing with Firefox, basically making the browser unable to browse. So i uninstalled it.

Life is a learning experience...