Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Talking with a libertarian climate sckeptic

KS says But if I decide that I have some quibbles about who is at fault about the climate, I am attacked and castigated.

I am very sorry this has happened to you. But try to see it from our perspective, it may make you feel less castigated and attacked.

Imagine you are in a the front passenger seat of a car, navigating, and you see from the map that the car is going down a narrowing track that leads to a crumbly cliff. You note that the terrain is changing in accordance with the map, and that pretty soon the hill and narrowness will forbid turning back. So you suggest to the driver that we stop and turn round.

Now imagine that the driver turns up the stereo, floors the accelerator, and begins to argue the point of your map reading skills with all the legal exactitude of Messers Carter Ruck on a particularly juicy and lucrative libel case?

In the circumstances, would it not be excusable, or at least humanly understandable to raise one's voice a little?

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