Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Copenhagen money transfers

I have not been paying much attention to Copenhagen, being engaged in the rearguard action against the denial lobby. Also, I feel that I have no influence in Copenhagen, and have confidence in the healthy lobby of colleagues that are there.

One thing however, that should be a constant theme in coming months, as the agreements are implemented:

The money transferred to developing economies to mitigate AGW must be given according to the principle of subsidiarity: funds should be introduced at a level closest to the grassroots community as possible. The Grameen Banks and Practical Action models should be used as far as is pracitcable.

Big banks and central politicians cannot be trusted to pass the money on efficiently and transparently.


Alden Smith said...

I share your interest and concern as to exactly where this money goes - very important issue, AND - as aid to many countries doesn't always end up where it was intended, there needs to be structures in place to make sure that it gets to its intended target.

Alden Smith - New Zealand - I share some of your interests.

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