Saturday, January 16, 2010

Any Questions? is getting a bit questionable

Went to Any Questions? in Cheddar last night.

Bit boring.

The only interesting discussion was about the ban on Islam4UK and possibly on juries.
the other questions were Google in China, election debate by 3 main party leaders, school lunch-boxes, and who do you least want to be marooned in a car with?

I put in 3 questions:
Should the UN effort in Haiti go beyond physical reconstruction of buildings to include reforestation and creation of a just society and equitable economy?
Should the UN set up a Rapid Reaction force of experts using military logistic skills to deal with disasters?
Should drug policy be determined by science or morality?

The politicians, Ben Bradshaw and Chris Grayling were pretty bland, and the most interesting were Louise Doughty, writer, and Peter Hennessy, historian. The Dimbleby was a bit testy and interrupty, possibly because he had a bad shoulder and looked as if he was on analgesics.

Islam4UK discussion made me wonder about my support for the ban. Why do they not just try morons like Choudry under existing laws on hate speech.

Both QT and Any Questions are becoming less and less interesting and more and more bland for some reason.

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