Monday, January 25, 2010

Totally unacceptable 70-year gag ruling by Hutton on Dr David Kelly

An astonishing and unacceptable "ruling" from "Lord" Hutton aims to keep details of he death of Dr David Kelly, the Iraq WMD expert, secret for 70 years.

He died shortly after it was revealed that he was the source of a BBC report casting doubt on Tony Blair's mendacious 45-minute claim.

He has never had a full inquest. Hutton stopped the proper inquest, arrogated the judgment to himself, and decided that it was suicide, on the grounds that he had a few co-proxamol in his stomach (not enough to kill him in a short time) and had cut his wrists. The paramedic who attended him said that the blood loss was not large enough to cause death. Oh, and he had a bit of coronary atherosclerosis, like the rest of us.

A group of doctors, including former assistant coroner Michael Powers, are calling for a proper inquest.

The suggestion is that he was killed by Iraqi "intelligence" services. That would be faintly embarrassing for our government, but hardly embarrassing enough for this 70-year cover-up. The alternative explanation is too shocking to think, let alone to write about.

I am going to write to my MP to say I find this ruling of Hutton to be totally unacceptable, and demand that he takes action.

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Dear John,

I am shocked to hear that Lord Hutton has ruled that the details of Dr David Kelly's death should be secret for 70 years. This is totally unacceptable. The man has not had a proper inquest, and there are grave medical doubts about the cause of death.

I ask you please to take this matter up with your MP colleagues and to press the Ministry of Justice on this until Hutton's ruling is overthrown.

Yours sincerely,


Obviously, your MP may not be called John, so you may have to change that bit.

More detail from Craig Murray

Even more detail
Video of toxicologist evidence: his Co-prox level was 1/3rd of a fatal dose.
Facebook activity:
There is an (inactive) page here:
here's another one, more active:

Here's a petition to the PM to get his autopsy released.

I have just found out that one of the doctors who has been campaigning for Dr Kelly to have a proper inquest has had his emails hacked.

Daily Mail, July 2009:

Mr Halpin said that he lost more than 6,000 pieces of correspondence - many relating to Dr Kelly - during his investigation, explaining that the mystery began when the 'firewall' on his computer, which all similar machines are fitted with as a security measure, became inactive without warning.

His emails started disappearing as though they were being sifted remotely. 'I believe this will have been done by a state-sponsored agency and not by an amateur acting singly,' he said.

A close associate of Mr Halpin's who has also taken an active interest in the case confirmed to The Mail on Sunday that at around the same time he, too, fell victim to what he believes was a rogue agent, losing 'somewhere in the region of 2,000 emails', many of which discussed Dr Kelly.

This is far more significant than the CRU email hack. Wish it had 1/10th the publicity.

More on the Daily Mail here.

Entitled "Did MI5 Kill David Kelly?" I couldn't possibly comment, except to say that the DM is not all bad then.


Anonymous said...

There are loads of holes in this story, but it's unlikely that any of it will ever emerge - too many people with too much to lose. Not to mention whole governments around the world and the military industrial complex.

Kelly was one of a number of microbiologists who met an untimely death and his assassins might well have been 'horizontalised' since. Some interesting footage and audio files here.

Little wonder then that Cameron's keeping quiet about this. You would think he would be shouting to the rooftops that he would reverse the order of secrecy. Yes? Not a word from him.

Kaihsu Tai said...

A petition on this topic addressed to the Prime Minister:

Veda Prakash Ragireddi said...

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