Thursday, January 07, 2010

We Cannot go on Like This

Damn right we can't. Brilliant slogan by the Conservative Party. I suspect they mean "We need a change of Government, get rid of NuLabour Tweedledum and put the Conservative Tweedledee in its place".

Pity to waste such a fecund slogan on the Tory party, stuffed as it is with climate change deniers and promising a recession-creating programme of spending cuts.

The Green Party could usefully adopt their slogan:

  1. We cannot go on with burning carbon, because of climate change.
    we need a massive investment in jobs in energy conservation.
    we need massive investment in renewable energy
  2. We cannot go on with Free Market Fundamentalism, because
    • it gave us the Credit Crunch
    • it is incompatible with dealing with climate change
    • it allows transnational corporations to act sociopathically.
    we must bring the banks and transnational corporations under regulation
    we must restrict the monopoly that the banks have on money production

  3. We cannot go on with militarism, because it only makes things worse.
    we will agree a diminishing, balanced and simultaneous reduction in military
    we will work to bring about international controls on dictators
    we will work to solve the problems in the Middle East
    we will peacefully solve the problem in Afghanistan
  4. We cannot go on with the political shambles in Westminster.
    we will bring in Proportional Representation, to create real competition between parties at election time.

  5. We cannot go on with the economic divergence between rich and poor
    we will bring in a Basic Income Scheme, a Tobin Tax, and many other economic reforms designed to create economic convergence.
  6. We cannot go on with the loss of our civil liberties. Liberty
  7. &c. Feel free to add your own points below.


Livable Income For Everyone (LIFE) said...

Save the environment and end poverty with a Guaranteed Livable Income (also called Basic Income Guarantee, or Guaranteed Annual Income). This concept is often thought of as being unrealistic. However, there is nothing more unrealistic or environmentally destructive than the current goal of trying to create living wage jobs for all

Livable Income For Everyone

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DocRichard said...

Hi Life
Agreed. Living Income/Basic Income/Citizen's Income is the way to go. It puts money in to the grass roots of the economy, and removes the unemployment trap that results from the present benefits system.

It can be introduced gradually and beneficially by way of the Green Wage Subsidy.