Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Avaaz: defend the BBC against the Evil One

The Evil All Seeing Eye of Mordorch has sent his Nazgul to fight against the Bibicee of the Shire. Although the BBC is not as truthful and impartial as we thought it was in the past, it is immeasurably less untruthful than the utterances of Mordorch's Orcs. Worse yet in the eyes of the Wrinkled One, the Bibicee is not a private Corporation, but an organisation paid for by public subscription. This makes it a Communist Conspiracy in the distorted thinking of Mordorch. Therefore Mordorch is intent on the death of the Bibicee.

We, the people, although we are sometimes obliged to knock the odd 1p off the license fee to punish them for not showing the DEC Gaza Appeal, must gather to defend the Bibicee against the Evil One. The Avaaz petition is here. Please sign.

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