Saturday, March 06, 2010

Liam Fox MP must condemn YBF for condoning torture and extra-judicial killings

The Editor

Clevedon and North Somerset Times

We are entitled to ask Liam Fox MP publicly to condemn the views of Donal Blaney, chief executive of the Young Briton's Foundation This organisation has trained up to 2,500 Conservative Party activists. Dr Fox spoke recently at the YBF rally. Blaney supports the use of torture, and has suggested that environmental protesters should be shot if they trespass. He also wants Britain to lose the NHS and have a US-style firearms policy. Fox has so far said that he does not support the YBF, despite addressing them, but he has not condemned their extremist views, nor has he said that the Conservative Party must dissociate itself from the YBF.

Dr Fox' constituents and electorate deserve a clarification, because incitement to violence is in breach of the law.


Dr Richard Lawson
Press Officer, North Somerset Green Party

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