Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gordon and Mrs Duffy - did he mishear?

  • I've just been looking at the video of Poor Gordons encounter with Mrs Duffy. Go here, third vid down for the whole thing. It is worth a look. She is a smart woman, articulate and confident, community minded, a good citizen  (worked for the Rochedale Council for 30 years). She covers a lot of ground, tax on 66-year olds, Government debt, Education, Health services and fraudulent claimants, before moving on to Eastern Europeans.

What is noticeable is that Gordon keeps interrupting her.

She says, "These Eastern Europeans, where are they all flocking from?"

Maybe she thought she said "focking". That would explain why he thought she was a "bigot".

I'm trying to be helpful here.

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Unknown said...

I thought she was articulate too, the sort of citizen we all want as a neighbout, but it didn't take Mrs Duffy for us to work out what a bleep he is