Monday, April 26, 2010

Green Candidates out front in support for Equality Trust

Nine days to go until election, and the most important, crystal clear issue has yet to be reach the surface of the stagnant pool that is the arena of public debate: the issue of equality.

The clearest part of this election is the question of "fairness": more equal distribution of wealth. The Greens, LibDems and Labour all have the word "fair" in their election slogan. This remarkable commonality must surely be due to the work of the Equality Trust, whose work demonstrates that more equal societies do better in terms of just about any measure of social cohesion and harmony that you care to study.

So the question that we should be putting to politicians for the next Leaders' Debate is - "Do you intend to work for a fairer society and economy, and if so how do you intend to bring this about?"
You can push this question up the agenda by going here. Please please do, if that is the only thing you do this day.

This question will sort out the men from the boy Cameron, who alone of all the major parties eschews greater equality, relying instead on vacuous promises of change and unfunded burblings about his Big Society based on unpaid work by volunteers.

If Cameron wants a Big Society, he has to go for greater economic equality. But we may doubt that his economic policies are exactly geared up for life in the Sherwood Forest.

And it shows. The Equality Trust has a page here showing which Parliamentary Candidates have signed up to the Equality Pledge: "Compelling new evidence presented by The Equality Trust shows that more equal societies - those with a narrower gap between rich and poor – are more cohesive, healthier, suffer fewer social problems and are more environmentally sustainable. In view of these findings I am committed to making the UK a more equal society as the most effective means of building a better society.  I will therefore actively support the case for policies designed to narrow the gap between rich and poor; and engage with the debate on which measures should be implemented to achieve that aim."

Restuts so far (26th April):
Greens         141
LibDems      120
Labour           81
Conservatives 26

So there we have it. Commitment by candidates to Equality and therefore social harmony in a nutshell. Remember also that Greens are a small party, unfunded by corporate donations, legal or otherwise, and massively outnumbered by the LibLabCon axis.

The amazing thing is not that the Cons are bottom of the table, but that poor old Dobbin Labour is second from bottom.

Remember too that people back Green Policies when presented blind. 


Adrian Windisch said...

Cheeers Richard, I didn't know about this, but have now signed up. Score 1 more for the Greens.

Vote for me! said...

It seems that several of the Green Party members in my area are rather well-to-do middle class types who don't need to work.

I'm all for a bit of that for me too- bring on the equality!


DocRichard said...

Well done, Adrian. I will ask Spencer to try to get 100% Green Candidate sign-up.

Voteforme: Well, there you go. What does eterito mean?