Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ken Clarke blows a bum note with IMF threat

Ken Clarke is a genial old jazz buff, but he has blown a bum note today with his threat of economic doom if the electorate have the temerity to reject the Conservatives.

Ken should remember that the name of the tune is Democracy, and in a democracy the people are sovereign, not the bloody City of London. If the will of the people is that there should be a hung Parliament in order to break the old LabCon two-step, then so be it.

The markets may or may not throw a wobbly at the thought of real political change in this country, not the plastic version of change that Dave has on special offer this month, but the smart money will be buying stocks on May 7th and selling a couple of weeks later when the disappointed Tory traders clamber back into their pram.

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