Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Salivating for the Tory Manifesto revelations


Airbrushed for Change

Today is the long-awaited day of the Conservative Manifesto. I rush to their site to savour its detail, but of course, it's not out yet. So I get a read of Dave in the Times. Can't find it now, the Times search engine is useless, but he did a piece for them. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

In his piece in the Times which I cannot now find, he says they are going to reunite the country, re-engage voters, and redesign the way politics is done in the UK, empower the community, let public service workers set up co-operatives, and other stuff.

This sounds great. Maybe I should vote Tory. This is what it must mean:

Re-unite the country: Great. That has to mean that they are going to close the RPG, which means taxing the rich, and use the money to allow the poor to get to work greening their community and economy. GWS in other words.  Closing the RPG will mend our Broken Society.

Re-engage voters: Marvellous. This must mean that they are going to increase turnout by introducing a democratic electoral system (scroll down to the graph).

Give people the power to manage their family and community: Brilliant. Empowerment is has been a Green meme for 30 years, at last it has been taken up by a grey party.

Let public service workers set up co-operatives: Fantastic. Empowerment of cola face workers. Just what I said a few days ago:- "Workers at the sharp end who are aware of wasteful and inefficient processes can make a report and proposal for improvement. A small team collects these, sifts through them, giving them sympathetic consideration. Promising proposals are worked up, and piloted. Successful pilots are rolled out. The authors of the suggestion get a percentage of the money saved.  The organisation makes continuous adaptations and gains in efficiency."

Bloody excellent. I'm all in favour of motherhood, so long as it stops at replacement level.

Apple Pie All right, but not for everyone, I hope. A lot of people are intolerant of the wheat (&c > diarrhoea &c) and some are intolerant of the apple (itching, probably due to the salicylates).

Infanticide for the children of unmarried mothers. This may be a bit controversial, especially if he is advocating eating aforesaid babies. And it may not be true. But there's no law against my saying it is true.

Caveat: Of course, the thing about manifestos is that they may not be honoured by the party once in Government. And of course, the Law has the power to overturn a politician's manifesto promise (go here and search for Denning). And as I say, I haven't seen their manifesto in full yet.

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