Monday, May 03, 2010

Composting toilets are the future.

As a change from politics, my big news is that yesterday I had the pleasure of emptying my first bucket of poo+sawdust into my new Humanure Hacienda (compost pile to the uninitiated).

Sorry there are no pictures, as my Blogger has lost the picture uploading link. It would have shown my nice shiny carefully made and varnished wooden thunderbox with re-used toilet lid, that contains one 5-gallon plastic bucket.

It couldn't be simpler. You shit in the bucket, and cover each offering with sawdust. All you can detect, once covered, is a faint odour of fresh varnish.

Full buckets are emptied into a normal compost heap which will go theromophilic (hot) due to bacteria already in the poo, and the carbon nitrogen balance of the excrement and the sawdust.

Composting means that all pathogenic bacteria, viruses and worms are destroyed. Most are gone within days or weeks, but we leave it for a year to be sure.

Composting toilets are the future. Growing population and consumerist lifestyles are putting drinking water availability at under pressure.

In view of this it makes no sense whatsoever to shit into our drinking water.
IsraelPalestine needs to co-operate on their water management issues, with cross community work on saving, harvesting and storing water.

Joe Jenkins is The Man.


KRA said...

Well I do admire people who, don’t just pontificate a philosophy but practice what they preach. It doesn’t get much more basic than going to the toilet! (no puns I promise). Looking to create compost loos on the two allotment sites in my ward, so thanks for the information which means costs will be a 60% lower than anticipated

DocRichard said...

Thanks David. I feel flushed with success.

weggis said...

UCL need your help.
This is right up your U-Bend.

James said...

It really is. Composting toilet should be used widely because of its benefits. I'm living off-grid now and it's the most eco-friendly toilet I have ever use. Thank you for sharing your thought. I have a guide in choosing a composting toilet, the article is written in my opinion, have a look:

James said...