Sunday, May 09, 2010

Hanging about waiting to hear the Clegg/Cameron decision

I might as well add my voice to the susurration of ignorant speculation about what Nick is agreeing with Dave.

My prediction is that Clegg will get some kind of milksop referendum on PR as a condition of sharing the poisoned chalice of power, and that the Tory press will spend the intervening months treating their readers with a barrage of anti-PR propaganda along the lines of “Do you want these shenanigans after every election?”.

I met a man in Plymouth who told me that 62% of peeps want PR at the moment. Murdoch should be able to get that down to 49% with one hand tied behind his back.

We need a good, clear web-based campaign to put the all facts of the case in front of the voters. The Guardian and Indie should at long last begin to provide the facts. Hopefully the Mirror may come onside. But Mordor still has 3 orc readers to every 1 progressive hobbit.

So we need to sweep the blogosphere with factual arguments.

PS I also predict that in years to come, Number 10 tour guides will draw attention to the still-visible marks of Gordon Brown's nails on the door of Number 10 Downing St.

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