Friday, May 28, 2010

Playing in the sun

5 days no post. The daily blog habit was broken by a flurry of wallpapering, watering of garden, transplanting tender young plants (does anyone want some brassica seedlings? - 6" high, happy and healthy, but in need of space. Buyer collects), and woodwork. I have some green ash, turning into handles. It is bliss to work with compared to the dry wood I have had to hand previously.  In short - playing in the sun.  Though I did a little dance when the rains fell yesterday.

Anyway, started up again.

Just sent off 4 motions to Conference - on dictators, separatist wars, multinationals, and green wage subsidy. I need seconders, as the deadline is end of May. Any GO member who would like to help, please get in touch.


Unknown said...

Ditto - I had my week disrupted by trying to recruit a teacher, I have an American in the department now, thank goodness she married a Cornishman or I would be without a teacher in September. I'm trying to give away brassicas too! I'm also trying to make sure I have plenty of winter veg!

DocRichard said...

The long term solution is to declare a UK public holiday in extreme weather conditions - sun and snow.