Saturday, June 12, 2010

Taimse im' Chodhladh - I am sleeping

Yesterday I stumbled across a few words I had scribbled months ago, as a response to hearing the Chieftains play the air Taimse im' Chodhladh (I am sleeping). It put me in mind of a piper whose lover has passed over the river. Here is a YouTube version.

Taimse im' Chodhladh

You’ve gone into the blue mist,
Gone into the grey and violet mountains
Gone into the soft green forest
Into the grey green waves
Into the darkness
Into the soft black dreaming night
Where I can see you.

Can you hear my pipes
Reaching out towards your spirit
Not as it did
When first you heard my playing
Across the valley there
And your wet cheek touched mine.

For this reason
I flood the valley and the twilight air
With this slow movement
Pouring out my heart
Until the last chord
Fades into silence.

So for a few more years
I will live on
But carrying the beauty of
Our life and love
Within my loving heart
Until it’s still
And we are one once more

© Richard Lawson 2009

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