Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cameron's U-turns may be a good thing

There's a useful review in today's G2 of the U-turns so far skilfully executed by CallMeDave.

They are:
  1. Irreversible Tory commitment to sex equality > free vote.
  2. All knife carriers will go to prison; Not now (presumably after lobbying from cooks).
  3. School sport may not now be abolished.
  4. Cap on Housing benefit delayed by 9 months
  5. Dave's personal photographer and videographer whooshed off his Civil Service pay list.
  6. Free school milk to under 5's to be cut, no it's not.
  7. NHS Direct to be scrapped, no it's not.
  8. 1922 Committee to be packed c Dave loyalists, oh no it's not. 
  9. Cast iron guarantee for referendum on Lisbon treaty melts away
  10. Inheritance tax threshold to rise to £1m - oh no its not
  11. Then there was the thing with Michael Gove not knowing which schools would have their funds cut.
  12. [update 17.2.2011] Forests are not to be sold off.
    That's a lot of U turns in a short few months. If Dave had been Labour, the Tory press would have christened him "Dave the U-turn", but as he is a Tory they have done the decent thing and turned a blind eye.

    Overall, this is good, because it means that Dave may change his mind on anything. He may cancel the tuition fees rise, he may even decide that Osborne is in fact a certifiably insane chainsaw maniac and switch to rational solutions to the economic problems that we face.

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