Sunday, December 05, 2010

Student demo in Bristol, from the outside.

Went into Bristol to meet son Joe for lunch in Park Street, prior to a Chopin recital in St George. Saw a whole bunch of lemon coats going down Park St, tightly surrounding about 100 citizens. Realised it was a protest, went out onto the street to give solidarity, and saw a Green Party comrade in the protest, so stepped inside the police line to chat briefly, then stepped through the line of freedom to go and have lunch. After lunch, we walked down to College Green where there was a line of police vans including the dreaded Stazi Support Team. Chatted with police at the edge of the kettle. My man said the protest had sinned by stopping traffic, therefore stopping citizens going about their normal business (this was Sunday mind, with not many citizens about, mostly sight-seers, and the demo was offering a sight to be seen. I said the kettle was of dubious legality, (he frowned), but he did not frown when I said that Osborne's cuts were doing damage not just to the fabric of society, but also to police budgets. And that we have a duty to civil disobedience if Government is not acting in the interests of the people.

The crowd inside were doing a bit of chanting, but mainly acting as people who have been trapped.

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Green Christian said...

You forgot the link to twitter at the bottom of your post.

DocRichard said...

Thanks, Green Christian, I've added it now. I had to rush off to supper.

I like your blog, and would follow it if I could see how.

Are you registered with GreenFeed?

I used to be an Evangelical many years ago. Am a Quaker now, not a very good one.

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