Monday, December 13, 2010

A Toxic News Day

Leafing through the Guardian this morning leaves me feeling decidedly uneasy/queasy.

  • Suicide bomber in Sweden
  • MI5 helped kill civil rights lawyer Pat Finucane
  • Ugly protest violence provoked by fact that police blocked agreed march route
  • Police are restricting victims' access to the Coulson files
  • More media attention to Charles and Camilla than to the philosophy student Alfie Meadows, nearly killed by a police club
  • Mad pastor Terry Jones wants to come visit
  • WikiLeaks on corruption in Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan and Azerbaijan
  • Modern British attitudes are more Thatcherite than in the 1990s]
  • Parliament is without an effective opposition to the most toxic Government since Thatcher
  • Cancun
  • Berlusconi is clinging to power
  • and to round it all off, Peter Preston mentions the elephant in the room - overpopulation
This is all too much for me to digest today, so I am going to go to the post office and then collect some wood. And change the compost pail in the toilet. And therapeutic stuff like that.


Glenn Vowles MSc, PGCE, BA said...

Thing is that the news is often like this...but there is positive news, there are good ideas, practical examples in action...and that's at least some encouragement.

DocRichard said...

Yes, thanks for that Glenn. It's just that sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming. The time in the garden, basically collecting wood, turning over and weeding the beds, and talking to Dizzee and gillespie, the chickens, did the trick.