Sunday, January 23, 2011

Demolish Daniel Levy's job prospects, not the Olympic Stadium!

The Tottenham Hotspur plan to demolish the brand new Olympic Stadium is jaw-dropping. Outrageous. Immoral. Ill thought through. Ridiculous. Expensive. And above all, unecological.

If you have to ask why it is unecological, there ain't hardly no point my tryin to splain it to ya, but here goes.

Tottenham's plans will take twice the energy to build, which will increase the UK CO2 output when even my chickens know we should be reducing it.

It's not just greenies saying this. 

BBC reports: The Newham supremo (I don't know, Google it) said:"The carbon footprint created by knocking down such a stadium and building a new one is equivalent to us running our stadium for 93 years.

You don't care? 

I said there weren't no point.

Tottenham's only point is that the athletics track puts football fans further away from the action. The casualty officer in me replies that might not be such a bad idea. Missile injuries.

So far as they have a valid point there, then if they ask me, I will give them a design for a stadium seating structure that will convert from football to athletics configuration and back again in a few hours. The price for this service is negotiable, but seeing how much money the club has, I will start at £1,000,000 in used notes. (But now I see that Bernie Ecclestone has come out with that already).

None of this should be taken in any way to impugn the footballing skills of the TH squad, nor the excellence of their fans. But if I were a fan I would be looking in depth into the business affairs and/or mental stability of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy.


weggis said...

Calm down - it ain't gonna happen.

He is just winding up West Ham - that's football!

And putting a bit of pressure on Haringey Council and Boris to let him develop White Hart Lane.

At least I bloodywell hope so.

DocRichard said...

Weggis, your words acted as a soothing balm on my troubled spirit right up to the last line.