Friday, January 21, 2011

Statement by Green Party in Tunisia

« Green Tunisia » declaration

 Today, Wednesday 19th January 2011, the executive committee including founding members met at its temporary premises at 17 Rue Talleyrand in Tunis.

The national coordinator told the super-sized committee about our party receiving its official stamp on 17th January 2011 and his meeting with the Prime Minister on 18th January 2011.

All the founding members present were satisfied with their victories over the dictator. They also expressed their connection with the Jasmin Revolution of youth and the Tunisian people.
The meeting was honoured by the presence of Mr Ahmed Zghal, considered by Tunisian Greens as the veteran of the Greens movement in Tunisia, particularly in Sfax.
Our friend, Ahmed Zghal has supported our party and directly told the government so, when our party fell victim to the Hold-up on 03/03/2006.

The founding members of the « Green Tunisia » party salute the declaration our friend, Daniel Cohn  Bendit made about the situation in  Tunisia before the European parliament.

We consider that the revolution has not achieved its objectives, and we should remain vigilant in case dictatorship returns.

Our founding members and activists refused to participate in a « caretaker » government, and felt only a public-spirited government could meet the expectations of the popular uprising.

The executive committee plus founding members has boosted the political executive, and we provide the complete list. The executive committee including founding members will motivate and structure the party, and help us prepare for the upcoming legislative and presidential elections.

National coordinator :                                     Mr Abdelkader Zitouni
Members:                                                      Mrs Nejiba Bakhtri
                                                                    Mrs Naima Guiza
                                                                    Mr Raouf Chemmari
                                                        Mr Fadhel Rouached
                                                        Mr Mustapha Zitouni
                                                        Mr Mohsen Maatoug
                                                        Mr Adel Azzabi
                                                        Mr Faouzi  Hadhbaoui
Young Greens Coordinator :                           Mr Walid Hmam

 Abdelkader Zitouni,
National Coordinator of the « Green Tunisia » party
Member of the European Greens Party, African Greens Federation, "Global Greens".

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