Wednesday, February 09, 2011

How Obama ignored warnings of Egypt's political crisis

Months before the Egypt pro-democracy protest kicked off, Obama was warned by a bipartisan group, the Working Group on Egypt who pleaded for a change of policy. On the 31st January 2011, it warned that the administration "may acquiesce to an inadequate and possibly fraudulent transition process in Egypt."

Read the link above to an illuminating report in the Washington Post about the group. Although stuffed with esteemed Middle East experts, the US State Department blanked its input.

These same State Department policy wonks are still in place, still engineering Obama's pusillanimous wait-and-see response to the situation.

Clearly, Obama should choose to back democracy over dictatorship. His failure to do so is a betrayal of his claim of ushering in real change, on behalf of the people. His policy is based on "No, we cannot help the people in Tahrir and throughout the world who are suffering under repressive regimes, because the collective of policy wonks in the State Department are obsessed with maintaining the status quo in the Middle East.

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