Monday, February 21, 2011

What can we do to stop states like Libya killing protesters?

Here is a letter to your MP that you can copy, modify and email to your MP here.
It is more powerful if you also send a hard copy by mail to your MP at House of Commons, London SW1A  OAA

Dear [MP name]

In common with everyone who watches the news, I am deeply impressed by the courage and determination of the secular democratic movements in the Southern Mediterranean, and shocked by the use of lethal force  by regimes against unarmed civilian protesters.

The Foreign Secretary has been forthright in his condemnation of the state-sponsored killings, but deeds are needed as well as words.

Swiss banks froze the accounts of Hosni Mubarak the moment he left office, with the City taking similar action on the estimated $5 billion he holds in UK accounts.

The state violence could be inhibited were HMG to notify all regimes that in the event of their using or permitting lethal force to be used against unarmed civilians, it will be deemed a crime, and their legitimacy will immediately be called into question, and their assets will be frozen, as they would in the case of any other criminal.

At the same time, all UK registered corporations should be notified that if any regime uses said lethal force, they will be required to suspend all dealings in that country until a new democratic government is in place.

I would be most grateful if you would put these points to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


[your name]


Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware the City had frozen Mubarak's assets, how you find that out?

DocRichard said...

It was in the news. Hard to keep up with it all isn't it, all happening so fast.