Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Compass meeting in Bristol

I went into Bristol last night to attend a meeting of the new Compass group setting up there.

"Compass enables people to go out, take action and make real change happen! We're the UK's most influential ideas and action based political pressure group with over 40,000 members and supporters across the country".

There were about 22 people there, mostly hideously white and male, as the saying goes. There were three of us Greens there, equally hideous &c.

Neal Lawson spoke well about the state the Left finds itself in after 13 years of a Labour Government that captured and substantially betrayed true Labour's ideals and aspirations. (I paraphrase)

Interestingly, discussion kicked off about the Green manifesto. Neal said the Green manifesto was clearly the best on offer at the last General Election, but pity we have only 1 (albeit excellent) MP.

I inserted the thing about the Vote for Policies poll, that put the Green policies well ahead of the field in a vote of 29,000. 

He mentioned an EU wide corporation tax, that would sidestep the objections of flight of capital if UK put in a corporation tax.  We must get global tax policies on the table for the G20 in November.

I suggested that on March 26th we should aim to press for an economic Plan B for if we get a DD recession. It is not just us calling for this: the IMF &c have said that Osborne should have a Plan B. Someone said that was "optimistic", which was a killer. Clearly, optimism is not a value for Compass.

I also suggested that the threat to the NHS might get people into the streets. There was a flicker of interest in this, but it slumped back down into the slough of despond and impotence.

I tend to speak rapidly, because of not wanting to drone on, and with animation. Which probably comes across as anger. It's just a feeling I have about my delivery. 

Basically, Compass is...well, I'll not burn my bridges here. Good luck to them in renewing Labour.

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