Saturday, March 19, 2011

Contacting IAEA with proposal to prevent air contamination at Fukushima

I have just emailed this to the head of operational matters at the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA):

Dear Horace

At this time you will be receiving many communications with suggestions for improvements in managing the Fukushima situation.
Many of these will be impractical, but you would be well advised to filter them all, looking for new angles on the situation. Human ingenuity is a major resource, and there is a vast pool of this resource out here, who may offer new insights to the tired teams of professionals dealing with the crisis 24/7.

Therefore I would be grateful if you would examine the attached file, and if you agree it merits consideration, pass it on to decision makers.

I accept that it is late in the day for us to be designing responses, but that is in the nature of these crises. at very least, the IAEA might consider whether all NPS in seismically active and other vulnerable locations might be ordered to prepare and store such an emergency containment device in order to increase preparedness for the next catastrophic event.

Many thanks for giving this matter your attention.


[Update 21 March
To my surprise, this has had a response, not from IAEA yet, but from a copy I sent to another agency. Correspondence in progress.]

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