Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lobby BBC to jam Gaddafi's broadcasts

< This image was put by a hacker on the home page of Libyan State TV for a while recently. 

OK, today I am going to lobby for a shutdown of Gaddafi's Libyan State TV and radio broadcasts.

Begin at the BBC.  There's no telephone number for the BBC Press Office, so I start here. You can too.

I write:

I understand that Gaddafi has jammed BBC broadcasts to Libya. 
Libya State TV is helping Gaddafi to control the Libyan population. 
The revolutionaries are calling for his TV and other broadcasts to be jammed.
Does the BBC have the capability to do this?
Which Government Minister would have the responsibility to bring this about?

Please telephone me.

I will update this page as the communication unfolds.

Please join me in this action. It is vital that Gaddafi loses, because if he wins, every other dictator in the world will copy his methods.

Rolling updates:

Emails too slow. People are dying.
Cannot find a telephone number for BBC admin.
Try getting through on Radio Bristol. They give me 08700 100 222, but this is not receiving calls.

I turn to phoning my MP to back up the email I sent 3 days ago. He's out on Ministerial business, will call back.

Have spoken to a source at BBC World Service, but off the record, so you'll have to phone them yourself if you want to know the position. Start at 03700 100 222
Have spoken to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Press Office via 0207 008 3100 and they will call back. Hague is taking questions on libya at 14:30. I will try to contact Caroline Lucas by phone for this.

I have to get out and get some sun, which means out of telephone range.
Tomorrow la lutte continua.

[16 March]
BBC has no information on jamming.
I have had no confirmation from Libya that the BBC is in fact jammed.

FCO Press Office says looking at range of options including NFZ, but not aware of plans to jam Gaddafi's broadcasts. He suggests I try MoD.

MoD not aware will ask around to see if there is anyone I can get through to.
I'm not holding my breath.

Will try to phone my MP again.

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