Thursday, April 07, 2011

Write to IAEA, call for Emergency Containment at Fukushima

Further to this post, here is an email that can be copied and sent to nuclear authorities. 
They will need to receive many hundreds of these before they start to give it attention, so please spread this link widely.

I will add new addresses as I find them, but we can start today with : (IAEA) 
( WNA Outreach InitiativeDirector for Environment & Radiological Protection ) - email contact established, so email withdrawn from this page.

Dear [insert name or institution]

Emergency containment of Fukushima emissions

I am writing to express my concern that emissions of radioactive air and water from Fukushima are continuing, and are set to continue for many months.

This is not acceptable. The emissions can and must be stopped.

First, responsibility for the site should be taken over by the IAEA,as this is now an international problem. No expense should be spared in containing the radiation.

Second, in parallel with attempts to cool the reactors, measures to reduce and terminate emissions must be installed as a matter of urgency.

The technology needed to contain the radioactivity is simple, practical, and relatively cheap.

The essence is that contaminated air and water must be drawn off and filtered.
Ion-exchange resins are the prime candidate, but as many kinds of filter can be applied as may be helpful.
An outline of the engineering requirements are set out here:

Please respond with all due urgency to this reasonable request.


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