Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eight questions to Tepco about reducing Fukushima emissions

I have again posted a number of questions about Fukushima Daichi onto Tepco's contact page. (select the General Inquiries link.
Tepco is the company responsible.
It would help in getting answers if others would copy, adding any other questions or remarks that occur.

1 What is the composition of the steam coming out of Reactor2?
2 If it contains radiation, why has that steam not been captured and treated already?
3 Are there plans to capture this steam?
4 When R1,3 and 4 are covered as per Tepco's plans, will the contained air be extracted and filtered?
5 Why will it take so long to pump out the basement of R2? What is the block to putting more pumps in place?
6 What plans are in place to minimise air and groundwater pollution in the event of the corium escaping containment and coming into contact with groundwater?
7 Is it possible to remove the spent fuel pools from the reactor buildings in order to facilitate control?
8 What would be the consequences of abandoning attempts to achieve cold shutdown and simply burying the reactors?

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