Monday, June 13, 2011


This is copied from an email from the excellent Dr Gerry Wolff

It is more than a little misleading to say “electricity from wind turbines costs twice as much to produce as that from coal or gas stations” or that “new nuclear represents the cheapest form of low carbon energy generation”

A report last year by Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows that, worldwide, fossil fuels are receiving 12 times the subsidies that are provided for renewables. In addition, charges for emissions of CO2 are still far too low. Without the subsidies, and with proper charges for CO2 emissions, electricity from coal or gas-fired power stations would be much more expensive.

A report by the Union of Concerned Scientists shows that government subsidies to the nuclear power industry over the past fifty years have been so large in proportion to the value of the energy produced that in some cases it would have cost taxpayers less to simply buy kilowatts on the open market and give them away.

A recent report by Versicherungsforen Leipzig GmbH, a company that specialises in actuarial calculations, shows that if the nuclear industry were to insure fully against the costs of a nuclear disaster, the price of nuclear electricity would rise to 2.36 Euros per kWh, far beyond the cost of any other source of electricity.

Connie Hedegaard, the EU commissioner for climate action, has stated publicly that offshore wind power is cheaper than nuclear power.


Dr Gerry Wolff PhD CEng

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