Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Liam Fox' successor: on your marks, get set - Lobby!

Liam Fox will soon be clearing his desk and making way for a new Secretary of State for Defence.

Illogically, Fox, despite being a pro-lifer, was strongly in favour of Britain's WMD.

We should bring WMD pressure on his successor before his feet are under the table.

The WMD debate has been confused and emotive in the past.. Logic can be brought to bear on the situation.

Here is four step approach to solving the WMD problem:
  1. If the consequences of the failure of a system would be infinitely destructive to a civilisation, it is reasonable for that civilisation to use that system if and only if the probability of its failure is zero.
  2. The consequences of a failure of nuclear deterrence would be infinitely destructive to human civilisation.
  3. The chances of failure of deterrence is greater than zero.
  4. Therefore humans should abandon the  nuclear deterrence system.
This argument is developed in more depth here.

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