Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lobby your MP on the NHS

I'm booked in to lobby my MP about Lansley's deadly NHS reforms  at on Friday 18th November, 10.30 in the morning at the Campus, in WSM, by Morrison's. Map.

John Penrose is a decent Tory who has emphasised his interest in the NHS during his election campaigns.

However, as a Tourism Minister he is uncritical of Lansley's plan to Americanise the NHS. It is going to take a lot of pressure to get him to vote against the Bill. But we can and should make it clear to him that NHS users in Weston are dead against what is planned.

I hope that others will book in slots to see him about it, and each time one of us in in with him, that there should be a crowd of pro-NHS voters outside the door, just standing there, discussing the situation with his minders, and even raising their voices to be heard through the door. Anything to show that the people are not happy with the proposed death of the NHS.

It is unlikely that there will be any more slots on Nov 18, but book other slots, (01934613841) and we will come and support you. If every one of his surgeries is taken up with NHS affairs, it may give him pause for thought.

So, any locals reading this - November 18, 1030am, Campus. Be there. Or get ill and die without free help.

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