Monday, November 28, 2011

Banking crisis in 100 words

The people are the ultimate source of power. 

We delegate our power to Government to provide services for us. 

Government delegates the power of money creation to banks, while guaranteeing banks if they foul up. 

Which they do. 

Fair enough, we're all human, anyone can make a mistake*.  Though banks, unlike the rest of humans, escape adverse consequences.

But when the financial markets come back at Government saying:

"You've got too much debt, you must cut services to the people"

That is not a "fair enough" situation. 
That is completely unacceptable. 

So that is why I back the #Occupy movement.


Matt said...

Very well written. I will tweet a link to the post.


bbarna said...

While I agree with your comments, I found the "Occupy" movement in Canada to be less then articulate when it came to letting the public know what they were all about. After a month or so, it just got irritating to see all the garbage, and folks just sitting around with their cardboard signs.
The government is frequently in the back pocket of big business, and often does not do what is best for the people. We must make is known through our votes and with our wallets just what we will and will not tolerate.
Excellent blog-keep up the good work.

DocRichard said...

Thanks Matt
And thanks bbarna. I share your puzzlement on Occupy's coyness about issuing demands, but it is happening at last. There is a set of demands her; Somewhere.