Monday, April 09, 2012

Normal Service Resumed

I've finally made it back to blogging. I more or less stopped in the New Year, with the habit broken by the festivities.

I have been active on Twitter over the NHS Bill, but the main thing is that I've been doing stuff and making things in  Meatspace - another word for the real world, the environment, people, society. Everything. The stars, trees, water. Chlorophyll.

I've been doing stuff.

I have constructed:
All of this has kept me away from my computer, which is OK because I am happier to be doing stuff. full-on blogging is not good for the soul - or the mind. On the other hand, I feel guilty that I am not contributing my infinitesimal drop of political thought to the ocean of political debate - particularly in the matter of what to do about Syria. 

But now I have confessed up to what has been happening, and perhaps after I have done a few blogs on my work, I hope to be able to take up blogging regularly again, but with a better virtual/real life balance.

Hope springs eternal.

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