Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Don't Let Osborne Break Wind!

Osborne plans to cut subsidies to wind farms by 25% according to the Observer. This will, of course, kill the UK wind industry, what is left of it, stone dead.

This is an insane decision, and it must be stoppped.

Osborne is aiming a wrecking ball at house our children are going to live in. We must draw a line in the sand over his general destructiveness. His plan is unacceptable. It is economically and ecologically illiterate. He has no concept of investment, of putting money into a project today so that the project will give more money back to you in the future. I wouldn't trust Osborne to run a street party, let alone a national economy.

By killing off  UK wind energy development, Osborne is making certain that in the future, we will be dependent on foreign companies for all aspects of wind energy development.

This will make our balance of payments (ratio of imports and exports) worse than it actually is - and that's bad.

Osborne as Chancellor should know this, so either he is badly informed, unable to comprehend what he is told, or is deliberately trying to sabotage the UK economy. Take your pick.

The fact is that we have the biggest wind resource in the EU. But now that the idiot Osborne is taking anti-windpower propaganda seriously, it is time for us, the Green movement, to force him into another U-turn. Here is the authoritative counter to windpower myths.

There are two strands to the anti-windpower movement. One is that it is a branch of the AGW denial lobby, Quixotically (or psychotically) tilting at windmills because they are a visible manifestation of the low carbon economy. The second strand, exploited by the lobby, is the natural NIMBYism of people in the vicinity of wind farms. This second strand is easily managed by introduction of compensation schemes for neighbours of wind farms. They get lower electricity prices, dependent on how close they are. It's a fair deal, compensation for loss of amenity, that is, for noise and visual intrusion, and is a standard instrument of environmental economics.

Osborne's ill thought out slash at the UK wind industry is a symbol of his total incomprehension of the ecological situation that we are in. He must be stopped. 

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