Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trident:- 12 steps to rejecting Hammond's illogical organ

This is an actual picture of a Trident launch. Not Photoshopped 

  1. Either it will be used or it will be not used.
  2. If it is used, human civilisation can kiss its ass a fond farewell. Everything worthwhile, including the reason to live, dies. In short, Omnicide
  3. If Trident is not used, about £130,000,000,000 will have been spent on nothing - money that could have been spent on creating  good jobs for everyone for many many years.
  4. Some will say say that the £130billion will have been well spent because it is maintaining peace through deterrence. 
  5. It is true that Trident raises the threshold at which politicians decide that they are bored with talking to each other and decide to kill their subjects instead.
  6. But although possession of WMD does raise the threshold for war, it does not absolutely close the door on war.
  7. See 2 above.
  8. Trident's effect in raising the threshold for war is neutralised by its effect in stimulating nuclear proliferation - i.e. by making nations like Iran think that they need a deterrent of their own. 
  9. Since there is a chance it may be used, it is illogical to possess Trident, for the reason set out here.
  10. Therefore the Coalition Government, in the middle of its programme of bone crunching attacks on the British people in the name of poverty, is about to spend £1billion of taxpayer's money on an illogical, highly dangerous enterprise
  11. And there is nothing that we can do about it.
  12. Or is there?

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