Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Historic Olympic Gold Medals related to country size

Following on from the post below, where we relate Olympic medals to size of country, I have found another resource on the excellent FranceTV site which gives all Olympic medals ever won.

Having more to play with, I now choose the gold medals, and divide them by the countries' population figures to derive the Fair Medal (MpMPop) Quotient.

Obviously the population will have varied over the years, as indeed have the countries, (e.g. Germany was 2 countries once, and now is reunited). We are not doing science here, this is for fun.

The Fair Gold Medal Quotient for all time runs as follows:

  1. Hungary 16
  2. Sweden 15
  3. Australia 5.9
  4. Germany 4.3
  5. UK (GB) 3.37
  6. Italy   3.21
  7. Russia (+USSR as was) 3.07
  8. France 3.01
  9. USA 3.0
  10. S Korea 1.5
  11. Japan 0.98
  12. China 0.13
I have stopped at 12, and you may wish to re-check my calculations, but it does show some interesting results. 

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