Saturday, August 04, 2012

Olympic Medals, adjusted for population size 4th August

Update from here.
The ranking of the top medal winners (all medals, bronze, silver and gold. Do the sums yourself it you want to sort out the Gold rankings). The medal numbers have been divided by the population in millions. The higher the number the better the national result.

Obviously, population is not the main factor, though it is arguably the main one. Facilities, level of development, motivation and other factors all play a part.

Anyway, congratulations to the plucky Kiwis and Ozzies who are still holding onto the top placement in this adjusted table of medal allocation just ahead of their colonial masters.

Et quel dommage aux mangeurs des jambes do grenouille :)

Country     Medals per Population Index

  1. NZ               1.59 
  2. Oz                0.739 
  3. GB               0.419 
  4. France          0.338 
  5. S Kor           0.327 
  6. Canada         0.257
  7. Germany      0.243
  8. Italy             0.217
  9. N Korea       0.200 
  10. Japan           0.171
  11. Russia          0.163
  12. USA             0.156
  13. China            0.037
I have found a better, more comprehensive site giving this calculation here.
And the excellent Guy Dauncey has been doing this calculation for years.

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