Sunday, August 19, 2012

Putin slides towards dictatorship: what to do?

Everyone has heard of Putin, everyone knows that the state/church/judicial system that he controls imprisoned three young women for making a protest in Moscow.

Not so many people have heard of Kagame, President of Rwanda, who this week allowed the Rwanda Democratic Green Party to register as a political party, after years of preventing this happening, and after the murder of the vice president of the party.

Putin is moving towards a dictatorship, and Rwanda is moving away from becoming  a dictatorship.

This is important, because if the Arab Spring teaches us anything, it is that it is an intensely painful and bloody matter for a people to rid themselves of a dictator. For this reason, it is immensely important for the UN and the international community to be able to prevent the slide into dictatorship.

This can be done, by three measures, working in sequence:
  1. Global Human Rights Index
  2. Specific measures to deal with people who are sliding towards dictatorship.
  3. Specific measures to implement when a dictator crosses the threshold of using lethal force against peaceful demonstrators.
These measures are expanded here.

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