Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Green Free Market Fundamentalist debate - a quick review

I am having a long debate (again) with Mark Littlewood, a libertarian/individualist free market fundamentalist FMF.

I have mentioned before that the real political debate of our age is between the FMFs and the Greens. This is a bit of a problem for political journalism, because they are supposed to have an FMF on every political debate programme, but allocated time for Greens is less than 1%. But never mind that, we're used to it. Been down so long it feels like up to us.

I have mentioned Ayn Rand and the problem with Individualism (it's not scientific).
Here's a post that explains why Green is the only stable political philosophy. And that we are not a re-branding of socialism/liberalism &c. Which means that we really need to add a new axis to the Political Compass: Realism vs Idealism. With greens on the realist axis, which is a surprise.

Here are my position statements on green economics. First, an overview. Second, my beloved Green Wage Subsidy. A fascinating exploration into what work actually means.

And I even made a wiki to discuss finance - but people don't seem interested in little wikis, only the big one.

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