Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cranmer's message of Christmas peace

Cranmer  backs up John Sentamu's opposition to Coalition cuts on the armed forces. Cranmer says "In extremis, God commands war as an option of last resort. Defence of liberty and justice, or to aid a weaker neighbour, are but a few such examples."

My comment:

And what of our WMD? Will God command us to use them at some point, to crush, tear apart, burn, dehydrate, starve those wicked people who are not of our nation, for which we will receive the same in return? Does it worry you that foetuses will die along with their mothers? 

Or will God see to it that the human systems of detection, command and control and deterrence politiciking will forever work together perfectly and infallibly so that war, although an integral and inevitable part of human nature and human history, will not be fought between governments that possess nuclear weapons?

I'm not expecting an answer from Cranmer.

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