Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Hedge-layer’s Grace

For what we are about to do
May the Lord make us truly careful.

May He send us not too much rain
So as to make us cold
And we for our part
Will wear good boots
That cut a grip on slippery ground.

May He give us sometimes sunlight
Not so as to make it too hot to work
But ‘nough to treat our eyes
With glorious light and colour
When we look up from the task,
And we for our part
Will be mindful at all times
That we could so easily cut our limbs to the bone
And that swing tools are never held in the glove,
Unless it be to make a dear little tap
To shave a few bright fibres off a pleach.

May the good Lord not make our wives into widows
And we for our part will treat falling and felled trees
At all times with


© Richard Lawson
Janurary 31, 2013

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